Coming 2017: The Sea

Our new reading package for 2017 is 
The Sea, in the sea, on the sea, at the seaside.  
We are hoping to have it ready for sale by mid 2017.

(We had hoped to have it ready in 2016 
but we're getting older and fitting less work into each day!
However, it is progressing, albeit more slowly than we'd planned.)

This new package will encourage students to enjoy the beach and surf safely.  It will show interesting sea creatures and also alert students to some of the dangers and how to avoid them.  The student reading texts will give clear advice and information on:
  • swimming between the flags and attracting help in the surf
  • some of the poisonous sea creatures and basic first aid for their bites and stings
  • interesting sea mammals, turtles, coral reefs and birds at the seaside and far over the oceans
The small volume of reading materials will be arranged at three levels, ranging from extremely easy to easy (approx. ISLPR 1 through to 2+; ACSF 1 to 3; Bandscales 2+ to 4).  The three texts will cover the same basic material, with gradual increase in linguistic difficulty and content complexity. 

The Workbook will include additional background information for teachers on CPR, sea mammals, fish, sharks and sea birds, as well as our usual language and content exercises at the same three levels as in the reading texts.

A sound CD will include an experienced Australian ESL teacher, Lyndal Reid, reading the texts, a song to reinforce the infomation contained in the book, and some coloured images which teachers will be able to print or use as slides.