The Great South Land, Second edition

The Great South Land was published by NCELTR in 2001.  When NCELTR was disbanded by Macquarie University, the ownership of this resource package was transferred to Macmillan Education.  Now the publication is out of print and Macmillan have handed the copyright back to Hazel and Dorothy, who have now produced a Second Edition.

The new edition has a new cover and the same general format and recommended retail prices as other Sugarbag on Damper packages:  Reader $12, Workbook $24, Sound CD $20  
(Note: Booksellers can set their own prices to allow for their particular circumstances.)

The new edition features: 
  • Dyslexie font for the easiest level text and exercises
  • Some updates in the reading texts, including reference to ancient climate change in the medium and hard level texts
The new Workbook has:
  • Additional background materials on measuring longitude and latitude,
    visits by Makassan fishermen,
    a map of the region,
    illustrations of Indonesian prau, tamarind tree and fruit,
    details of Captain Cook's life and skills,
    information about the Transit of Venus
    and other scientific work during the Endeavour voyage,
    extra information about the ship itself
    and the Australian flag flown by Captain Cook and Governor Phillip.
  • A table providing a comparison between the three levels of the reading text
  • A bibliography for teachers
  • Words of the traditional folksong Bound for Botany Bay amended by Lyndal Reid to better suit the linguistic needs of our students
  • A greater range of photocopiable exercises to match each level of the reading text: 16 pages Easy, 11 pages Medium, 14 pages Hard  (The number of pages is to a large extent governed by the font used.)
  • A cover page for each set of exercises to which work sheets can be stapled to help keep them together and in order.
  • The sound CD onto which Lyndal Reid, a very experienced Australian ESL teacher, has read each of the three reading texts clearly at appropriate speeds for the relevant students
  • Two performances of the amended version of Botany Bay, sung by Lyndal, George Buwali and Dorothy Court with George providing guitar accompaniment
    The first version is "lined":  Lyndal sings one line slowly and that line is repeated by the whole group and so on through the complete song.
    Then the group sings the whole song straight through at a slightly faster pace.

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