Tracey Rous


Tracey is a self taught photographer living on the doorstep of the Suffolk coast, one of her passions in life has become the sea, this is one area that she aims to concentrate her photography for the future, the other being the wonderful skies that we are so blessed to have in Suffolk.


Photography for Tracey is not only a passion, it also teaches her to really take notice of the area that she lives, to appreciate the wonder of Mother Nature whether it be a calm lapping of waves or the magnificent clouds before a storm.  In Tracey’s words – “it really is a wonderful feeling to stand on an empty beach and cherish simple beauty”.


Tracey prefers to use natural light in all conditions rather than using any flash.  She believes photos should keep their true likeness but enjoyes giving the sea and sky a more dreamy and calming effect in camera with long exposure work, this really emphasizes the tones and movements you wouldn’t see with the naked eye and gives a whole new perspective to an image. 


Tracey works predominantly in black and white as to her this evokes much stronger emotions when viewing a photo than you get in colour.


....capturing moments in time....


Please contact Tracey direct on 07912374990 or if you would like to discuss any commissions or look at any works not currently being exhibited.