Ted Crampton

Ted's childhood was spent in Hastings. The sea was always there and a part of his early life.
He painted as a child and loved it but never had lessons and the way of creating a solid looking object on a flat piece eluded him so he stopped painting when life and education got serious.
Ted spent time in the Army and travelled extensively, he then transferred to Civilian life and worked again all over the world. He went to Greece on a holiday and met his wife there, they both loved the culture and the people and bought a small cottage in the Southern Peloponnese. Ted managed to organise his work so that he could spend 6 months of the year in Greece and work from home there – and one day he picked up a paintbrush. His wife had a small water colour set and he gave it a try, painting the view sitting on their balcony and looking out over the olive groves and down to the sea. It wasn’t too bad!  Ted immediately painted an apple and a flower pot – and for the first time they looked real and good.
Friends who painted talked to Ted about different painting materials and methods and he quickly settled into acrylics and then oils as a way of being able to paint and re-paint and re-paint until the result is right and what he wanted – not possible with water colours.
Since then Ted has taken on larger and more challenging subjects, and he found that the sea and painting it was what he really wanted to do.
Ted is totally self taught and loves trying new things and experimenting, not always successfully. He has done commissions and enjoy them – provided the subject is one he can empathise with.
Ted's website - www.tedcrampton.co.uk
You can contact Ted via email - tedcrampton@btinternet.com