Rob Negus


Striving to find a point of balance between genius and absurdity, discovering boundaries and taking on challenges.

Rob uses photography to document and preserve his fragile and precariously balanced sculptures. These are often made from found objects of leftovers from other projects. His work is often concept driven, rather than deciding on an end product prior to starting a series of work. This allows the work in some ways to dictate the direction in terms of subject matter, which can lead to interesting and sometimes bizarre results.

Another area of his art practice involves creating contraptions, machines and sculptures of an inventive nature. It is common for these pieces of work to be driven by discussions and conversations which ultimately end up with Rob being challenged to attempt a certain task.

Finding an ingenious solution to a problem which probably shouldn't have existed in the first place. Giving a use to the useless, and making a point of 'pointlessness'.


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