Rachel Chesman


Rachel has a natural eye for light and colour and creates individual and unique photographs inspired by nature’s natural form and beauty. Much of her work captures the Suffolk countryside and coastlines where Rachel grew up and demonstrates her lifelong passion for both wildlife and its habitat.


Always a keen photographer Rachel has taken this to a new level with a collection of photographs produced over the last two years.  Her exhibition work combines contemporary ideas with strong traditional technique created using a digital camera.  Colour and black and white photographs feature in Rachel’s work and she adds her own stamp by digitally enhancing much of her collection.


Having the opportunity to shoot for many clients with various needs has given Rachel a chance to discover that “unique angle”... with the desire to not just deliver a photo, but to tell the story with that image.


From individual, family or pet portraits, wedding, party or group occasions to a landscape or nature shot, Rachel’s passion and enthusiasm shines through and you are left in no doubt that the picture created will offer you a true representation of the event taking place.
Some of Rachels photographs are available to purchase online at www.loveimages.co.uk.
01728 723157