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Pat Bellay first began painting seriously in 1965 whilst on an A level Art Course under Joe Pheasey at the METC in Chelmsford [now Anglia Ruskin University]. On moving to Ipswich to join an Architectural Practice in 1968 Pat stopped painting, through having his own Design practice in Ipswich 1976/moved office to Needham Market 1982/closed office to semi-retire and work from home 2009, but 4 years ago found inspiration again having received paint and art materials as birthday presents from his family.


Pat produces primarily abstract paintings in oil and acrylic/mixed media. Original 67 ethos was, via texture and colour used, to try and create the effect of a coal fire, where what is seen within depends upon the viewer/in different lights/different moods. Essentially continuing 07 where left off in 67, Pat has included more representational work through his abstract landscapes, in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience; elements of which hint at his years of design drawings, particularly tree forms. Pat continues to experiment with combining different materials and techniques in the hope of incorporating more architectural subjects in his future work.


Commissions welcomed on the general basis of colour/size/location to be hung with broad reference to any particular part or overall form of past work.  


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