Nigel Moody

Nigel Moody was born in 1961 and grew up in Norfolk, close to Hickling Broad, in the type of landscape that he celebrates in much of his work. After studying for two years at Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design he took a degree in fine art at Winchester School of Art where he came under the influence of the expressionists teaching there at the time under Gillian Ayres and William Crozier. In the mid 1980′s he learnt of the Baha’i Faith from craftsman potter Thomas Plowman and quickly made friends with his fellow believers in the region including Richard Morgan. By the 1990′s he had returned to drawing the landscape and found a kindred spirit in Richard. The two began making drawing trips together and to date have shared two exhibitions in Aldeburgh.

“They show how sensitive renderings of beautiful places can bring us closer to an understanding of their meaning, not just their surface. Lovers of the subtle strengths of artists from the Norwich School, like John Sell Cotman, for example, will find these jewel-like works a fascinating continuation of an artistic tradition native to East Anglia. There are also stylistic influences of artists familiar to us all – giants like Rembrandt and Blake, and the rare and exquisite Samuel Palmer, but always brought through the originality and generosity of Nigel’s extraordinary fluidity and contemporary sensibility. At a time when the artisan qualities of drawing are beginning to return from exile, Nigel’s work shows us that the world and the style of an image can connect it with the existing lexicon of images that we all carry with us, and that it is a small world, in which we are all connected.”

He has held one man shows at Galerie Gaffelaar Breda, Conferencie Oord De Poort, Prinsenbeek Town Hall and Gerristmastate in the Netherlands; Great Yarmouth Library Gallery, and Westminster Art Library, London.