Lee Belchamber

Lee Belchamber has lived in Suffolk all his life and is a trained hand painter and carpenter by trade, in his spare time he enjoys making copper wire trees, something he learnt the basics from watching his uncle on holiday in France, he then created his own unique design by mixing the wire with old tree stumps.


He now wants to take his hobby to the next level and exhibit them. This will be his first exhibition.


Lee enjoys working with copper wire, he has the feel for the wire and can work with it to make smooth lines that flow well but can also create very small delicate shapes. Each of the colorful leaves, are all patiently painted by hand.


He has an excellent eye for shape, he chooses a tree stump and can visualize the end product before he begins, making each tree unique in its design.

The mixture of man made materials and nature balances well. He likes the idea that he can take an old piece of wood he has found and transform it into a beautiful piece of art, almost bringing the old dead tree stump back to life with its copper branches and colorful leaves.


For anymore information call lee on 07790025967