Jill Draper


The last 40 years have seen Jill raising children, renovating houses, designing and making gardens and developing her own style of creative embroidery.


What began as a fundamental need to provide a home for her family has become a fulfilling way of life.


Jill and her family have worked their way across Britain on different projects, but have now returned home to Suffolk, where the landscape has always had a special place in her heart.


In her work her mission has been to elevate what is perceived as craft to the status of art, to be hung on the wall and enjoyed as such, and used to bring the viewer much closer to the beauty around them.


Having watched her children grow and mature she can now enjoy the same privilege with her grandchildren.


Jill says she can never imagine retiring, as she has so much left to explore, achieve and enjoy in her life.


Jill’s fascination with embroidered landscapes began many years ago whilst she was studying textile design at Leicester. She loved Elizabethan embroidery, especially the waistcoats and dresses, and ‘stumpwork’ pictures with their embroidered ‘slips’ of insects, birds, animals, people and houses in the countryside, all set upon a plain background of cream silk or linen. The needlewomen of the day were celebrating the ordinary things around them in a medium they understood.  Jill identified with that and also the lines she discovered in Robert Brownings poem Fra Lippo Lippi:


“We’re made so that we love first when we see them painted, things we have passed perhaps a hundred times nor cared to see: And so they are better, painted - better to us, which is the same thing. Art was given for that…”


Jill began to experiment with techniques and soon developed a style of her own using the sewing machine and a darning hoop.  She paints with fabric dye and then embellish heavily with stitches to add depth and texture.


For further images and information please visit her website at www.Jilldraper-embroideries.com