Helen Maxfield

Helen is a printmaker living and working in a little village near Needham Market in Suffolk. 
She studied Art Practice and Theory at Lancaster University where she was able to explore many different printmaking and painting methods. She now specialises in hand burnished lino prints which she creates in her home studio.

She sees lino printing as a three stage process. Firstly the creative stage of translating her observational drawings into a 'design'. Secondly the physical carving of the lino. Finally the magical revelation of the final print during the printing stage. 
Much of her work is from a single block which produces stunning images in black and white. 
She enjoys the variety of the medium and is excited about the scope for experimenting with more colour work in the future. Her subject matters are familiar images of animals, plants/flowers, landscapes and people, however she aims to approach them in an original way through her love of pattern, mark-making and interesting compositions.