Gill Harvey

Gill is a self taught watercolour artist and printmaker producing collograph images many of which are handfinished using water colour washes. Recent works include still life prints and a small series inspired by the decorative plasterwork (stucco) of Morocco.

She has been painting since leaving school and her favoured medium all those years ago was water colours, however about 10 years ago she started to use a number of printing methods to produce art.  Gill now works almost exclusively using collagraph printing, however her love of water colours means that many of her images are hand finished using water colour washes. Her work is inspired by the sea, music and her garden, and movement and rhythm are important elements. Recently she has been working on a series of still life prints, again exploring the methods of the watercolour artist, but through printmaking.


Gill currently lives in Suffolk where she has her studio (visitors by appointment only). She has exhibited in Norwich, Blackthorpe Barn near Bury St Edmunds and at Snape Maltings. She also has her work in a small number of galleries in Suffolk. In addition she am a member of Gainsborough House Print Workshop in Sudbury, and belongs to Suffolk Open Studios. Although Gill wouldn't claim to be an expect she also has a passion for photography and her love of travel and garden provides her with a constant source of material.


Some examples of her work can be seen on the photography page of her website -