Emma Aldous

Emma is a self-taught digital artist and photographer; her work being a natural progression from her career in print and design along with her hobby of photography. Using the technical skills that she has gained over the years and putting them to new, more creative, uses.

Coastal - digital art

This series of work is inspired by Emma's fascination with the Suffolk coastline. The vast swathes of deserted shingle, isolated mudflats, whispering marshes, fragile dunes, perfect holiday beaches – all dwarfed by the immense sky. Together they create a unique and contrasting landscape that elicits a strong emotional and creative response for many people.

For Emma the shoreline is a place of constants, contrasts, mystery and uncertainties. Always the same yet changing daily, a place if transitions, of endings, of beginnings and of untold possibilities. Mankind’s interventions, bold and stark on the horizon, or rusting and decaying relics, enforce a sense of isolation and secrecy. 

The pieces of work in this series reflect her love of this inspirational environment. Beginning with her photographs of an area, then reassembling and reinterpreting them, layer by layer, to evoke a sense of place that resonates with the viewer. 

Infrared - Photography

Using a camera fitted with a specialist filter that blocks light in the visible spectrum but allows infrared light through. It reveals a world of glowing plants, luminous white clouds and black skies, allowing us, quite literally, to see things in a different light.