Ni Gooding

After studying ceramic design and pottery for four years, being awarded a Diploma Membership of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers, founding a pottery on the Suffolk coast, practising as a freelance designer, founding an art gallery and gaining a BA (Hons) in art history and philosophical aesthetics, Ni was forced by poverty into getting a ‘proper’ job.  Amongst other things he spent several years driving juggernauts across Europe and coach loads of students to the First World War battlefield sites of Northern France and Belgium. 
During this time Ni continued to draw and paint; whenever he referred to ‘work’ he always meant art, not whatever job he happened to be doing at the time and the idea of being able to concentrate most of his time on making art was always uppermost in his mind.  Ni now finds himself in the fortunate position of being able to dedicate much of his time to the making of work.