Carol Mayston

Carol is a self taught artist, initially working in watercolours, combining different methods of blending and masking the paper and paint.
She has developed her work into mixed media to give her a wider range of textures to use.
Carol's inspiration is drawn from the natural world around her. Walks along the coast, with the ever changing light of the sky on the sea, stormy seas and the patterns etched by the water as the waves gather, break and dissolve into the shore.


She is always looking to develop her work by using different materials. Blends of homemade paper, acrylics, pastels and more recently homemade silk paper to include in her artwork.  She tries to create light, colour and texture to bring a sense of atmosphere and impression of movement and pattern in the waves, sea and shore. By using acrylics and the paper she can get the curves, texture and motion of the sea into the picture.  Dramatic skies and foreboding seas are also a strong influence in her work.


Carol also strives to create light and colour in her work projecting a semi-abstract impression of the ocean, its power, its fluidity, its menace, its serenity. The colours she uses very much reflect her mood; each day brings a new and unique kaleidoscope of colours.  She likes to create and evoke a sense of mood and atmosphere to her artwork that will draw you into the picture.


She like to make her paintings more interesting by using elongated, thin shaped canvasses, and by grouping canvasses together to create a triptych.  She loves to create texture, by experimenting with cracking and molding paste, so that the subject flows across the canvas to give the overall effect of movement. Carol's work is very tactile.


Two years ago she joined Suffolk Open Studios and they have been a great source of encouragement.  and she has not looked back.