Anthony Ratcliffe

Tony has spent much of his adult life in coastal East Anglia, but from boyhood has always been very much involved in classical music.  He has also owned a number of boats, from dinghies to offshore yachts, which have always been based on the River Deben, and he has cruised widely in this area and to the Continent.  He has also served on the afterguard of STA Schooners.  His current boat is named “Temple Bar” (London not Dublin!), and is described as a fishing boat style, with semi-planing capabilities.


Although he enjoyed sketching whilst at school (he was educated at The City of London School), he did not start oil painting until later in life when he became self-taught via the medium of ‘painting-by-numbers’.  His subjects and style are, or course, very individual, as they are drawn from many experiences and memories he recalls, mainly from his past yachting trips.  However, he has always enjoyed a great interest in the French Impressionist School and has found himself often bringing many of their colours into his palette.  He was hung on a number of occasions by the Royal Society of Marine Artists at various of their exhibitions, but does not claim to be in the same class as those notable artists who have graced many walls and exhibitions.


As his work is very individual, much of it has a local flavour.  It is possible that more opportunity to paint now that his travelling activities have been curtailed by mobility problems, will, in turn, produce an increase in output, but his interests are likely to remain in Marine art, although through other outside interests he continues to have a considerable involvement in conservation activities and historic building work.