Anita Honeyball

Anita Honeyball

Glass artist

Miss Honeypie Glass is Suffolk’s only glass art business that is fully committed to supporting the environment and is proud to offer a clean and creative alternative approach to the UK's problem of waste materials.

Miss Honeypie Glass is owned by Glass artist Anita Honeyball, who after graduating with a B.A(Hons) in Ceramics and Glass at Buckinghamshire College has worked for a variety of Glassblowers around the U.K, Denmark and New Zealand to broaden her knowledge further of this super cooled liquid. She now has over 10 years experience of working in the glass industry. Anita offers a fresh new approach to turning scrap glass into beautiful pieces of wearable art and contemporary glassware.

‘I have skills in 2 different areas of glass. Firstly blown glass, which I love working with.  Hot glass is a challenge for me as I have to wrestle an object of beauty from a barely controlled mass of molten glass – the process of which will always continue to fascinate me.  And secondly, kiln formed glass which has a mind of its own. Once the glass goes into the kiln you are never quite sure how the glass is going to turn out, so it’s a little bit like Christmas every time I open the door to see what surprises I might get, which is wonderful once you have taught yourself to have an open mind!’

All her work is collected from pieces of lead crystal blown glass, windows and bottles.  It is then re-melted in a kiln to fuse together.  Due to the nature of the material it means that all pieces are unique, so you are guaranteed never to see anyone wearing or having the same piece of glass as you. 

Anita also runs workshops for those with a creative passion to make their own art by recycling.