Andrew J Bell

Andrew trained as an advertising photographer in Sheffield, UK during the late 1970`s and early 80s before joining Business Television Productions as a lighting cameraman and stills photographer.
Whilst working as assistant to the chief photographer of the city`s leading Advertising & Commercial studio, he worked on major commissions for companies such as Bachelors Foods Barlow Handling & British Syphon Industries.

The majority of his published work, since going freelance, has been transport related. A large number of his pictures have been used by Colour Library Books and by Osprey Publishing for the Auto-History Series and Automobile Quarterly in the USA. 

Andrew still uses medium and large format film cameras for some of his work alongside a digital SLR. He believes that for monochrome work particularly, film is still the best medium for image capture.

After a long period of illness, he has only recently returned to freelance photography. 

In addition to taking photographs, Andrew collects classic film cameras and photographic equipment and has a growing collection of old photographic images, mainly glass negatives, dating back to the 1880s.