Alison Mayston

Alison’s work explores an interpretation of the female figure through different forms of drawing and sculpture, expressing her view of the female form by simplifying the curves and lines of the female figure.


By concentrating on just the things that, she as an artist, consider to be beautiful and sensually feminine about this subject. The female figure is central to her work and she has become obsessed with making a smooth surface and creating perfect curves.


By using this format of simple lines to define and capture the pure and flowing curves of the female figure Alison is able to create an impression that is innately simple. To add a bit of complexity to the lines she blends and mixes the colours to give depth and softness to the figure. This approach works well and has led her to create many abstractions of the figure in her work.


Alison has discovered that her best work seems to come from taking something that she is familiar and comfortable with, and by manipulating colour and line to make it stand on its own.


Alison’s work is about two things; the sensual view of the female figure and how that interpretation differs in the world of art that relates to the female form and it viewers. She wants the viewer to see that the female figure is beautiful, no matter what size or shape.