Alison Calvesbert

Alison's work is inspired by the fragile natural imagery of the East Coast, and illustrated through the many mediums of printmaking, photgraphy and paint.


Through degree specialist training and experimentation Alison extends her printmaking skills to include 3D, using plaster, paper pulp, resin and clay – in order to reflect her love of the sea and landscape and illustrating her concern for the fast-disappearing shoreline environment.


As a fine art printmaker, Alison's first love is etching.  She has developed an innovative technique of printing from etching plates onto plaster enabling me to work on plaster and ceramic sheets which can then be manipulated to create 3D forms representing the ebb and flow of the fragile shifting Suffolk coast, incorporating beach debris to form a constellation in memory of a vanishing environment.


Alison's interests include study into contemporary art and the relationship as artist / printmaker, practitioner, entrepreneur and teacher, procedures that encompass all of the above, and serve to strengthen her individual practice.


Other works include etching prints on plaster blocks and 3D sculptural works of a similar nature, screen prints and collagraph prints all of which reflect the many changing facets of the Easterly shoreline.



Mobile: 07861 379642