September 2010 Barns/Wildlife

Post your Pictures with a Theme of "Barns or Wildlife" below.   Shortly after posting your pictures, the pictures will be included in the slide-show at the right.

There is also a larger version of the slide-show. See the "All Photos" item below.

Remember, 3 picture maximum for Theme. Any additional pictures you wish to provide can be added in the Photos / Links section.

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NameShort DescriptionURL to Photos
All Photos Picasa Slideshow Picasa 
Angelina Pease Barn Door? google 
Angelina Pease City Squirrel google 
Carl Richard Sept. barn pics Flickr 
Jim Grant Wildlife Photos Google 
Kim Quatrone Wildlife Picasa 
Kim Quatrone Barns across the Eastern US Picasa 
Lisa Walters Bear in backyard, '03 Flickr 
Lisa Walters Deer at dawn, CO Flickr 
Lisa Walters Chipmunk playing peek-a-boo Flickr 
Scott Vining Mirrored Barn Flickr 
Scott Vining Tobacco Barn 2 Flickr 
Scott Vining Tobacco Barn Flickr 
Sue Mayne Suffield Barns Gallery 
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