The website of the clan Nodial,  late of Rossendale and the Northern parts. 
           NEWSTUFF II  
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The Nodial Forum defuct
The password is the same as to edit this site ( Email for details ) go here to exchange  vital Nodial information
This is the old now NEW forum as set up by Thomas Barker. Nodial HQ had replaced it with a version that does not have dodgy pop ups and advertising. You will have to use the old forum as the 'new' one went terminal with the BUESPAMIC plague very nasty !!

The Nodial Diary

To put stuff in you will need to log into the google account using the above email and the password. You will find the calendar under "calendar" or "Igoogle" Then click on add/edit events. Use "add comment" to comment on events (attendance, etc.) Or just email what you want to go in!

The Nesthole 

 It's a  mix of Private Eye and Viz  gloriously combined like a cocktail that shouldn't work - but does!

Richard Nolan at Play TM 

The game related writings of Richard Nolan, proving that "skwee" is still a journalist, just about.

Rosie Barker Myspace

The Youth Club (Thomas and Richards band myspace)

Alan's Myspace

Richard's Facebook

 The Nodial Caption competition: (click here)
Email your suggestions and the winner will receive a 56 lB bag of spuds from the allotment!

The video of the Play 

A play for Dent


Georgia Gets all scouse!

The Sisters Ala never had!

Nodial Days

Collection of photos to music  

Wilya wilya wolya

Very rare recording of a Dial concert