Storyjumping part 12 #DigiWriMo

This is part 11 of a multi-part story initiated by Bruno as a Digital Writing Month (#DigiWriMo)  activity. To read the whole story follow the previous episodes by:

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'It’s too dark. We won't see the ice. It’s what happened to the Titanic. You can’t see the ice till it’s in front of you and then it’s too late. Kevin - do something, you have to do something.'

'There’s another box down here.' 

Kevin was peering into the hull. 

'It’s in a bag, help me pull it out.'

Sarah leaned across.

'It’s too dark. I can’t see anything.'

'I think I’ve got it.'

'Poo, that’s smells dreadful.'

'If you can't say anything useful then shut up.'

'It’s like a dead dog.'

There was a grating sound and the canoe lurched to the right. The wood splintered from beneath and icy water seeped in, soaking their feet, up to their ankles, towards their knees.

'The map, don’t let the map get wet, it’s our only hope.'

'What good is a map when we’re sinking.'

'Oh how typical. Always negative.'

'The water’s stopped coming in.'

'Look, we’re on the edge of an ice flow. We can climb out on this side. Here, take my hand.'

'I lost the domino. I dropped it.'

'Look what’s those blue and green lights over there?'