About Dr Sue Stothard


Sue gained her BSC (Hons) degree in Psychology at the University of York in 1989. She reamined at the University of York to complete her PhD, with Professor Charles Hulme, the focus of her research being reading comprehension difficulties in children.


Sue moved to Newcastle in 1992 to work in the Psychology Department at Newcastle University. She was first employed as a lecturer and then worked with Professor Maggie Snowling as a postdoctoral researcher on a
longitudinal project investigating the long-term effects of early language impairments.


Returning to York, Sue worked as a postdoctoral research fellow on the Reading Aloud project. This project involved the development and standardisation of a new suite of reading assessments for children aged 4-16 years known as theYork Assessment of Reading for Comprehension (YARC).   The primary assessments  were published in 2009, and the assessments for secondary school children in 2010. This project was funded by GL Assessment, who publish the YARC primamry and secondary assessments.


Sue remains an honourary research fellow at the University of York and is a member of the Centre for Reading and Language.  She has also worked freelance as Chartered Psychologist - working with a number of clients, including GL Assessment.  Her current activites include preliminary work on a number of possible new assessment tests, developing

Sue now works at Durham University's CEM  http://www.cemcentre.org/

Research Interests

Research Interests

Sue's main research interests are in literacy and language difficulties in children. In particular, she is interested in the development of decoding, reading comprehension and listening comprehension skills throughout childhood and developing assessments to measure these skills.


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