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There’s nothing like water when you’re thirsty. 


Your body needs water for several important functions. First of all, it helps regulate your body temperature, which is why you need to drink more on a hot day and with exercise.  Water also transports nutrients to your organs and oxygen to your cells. Water helps remove waste from your body, and it helps buffer your joints and organs. 


Figure out the best way for you to drink 8-10 cups of liquids each day. Some people like to fill a pitcher with 64 oz. of water and keep refilling their cups until it has all been drunk. Others prefer to keep a 16 oz. bottle in their purse or bag and make sure to drink four of them throughout the day. Still others might prefer to drink two 32-ounce Big Gulps. Another option is to drink a tall glass (16 oz.) of water with each meal, plus a couple cups (8 oz.) at other times during the day.


You can drink any fluids, not only water. However, water has no calories, sugar, fat, caffeine, alcohol or other unhealthy ingredients, and most other drinks do.