Eating                        a balanced, healthy lifestyle

There’s nothing like food when you’re hungry.


No one got fat eating fruits and vegetables.


If you're going to eat chocolate, make it good


My beliefs about eating focus on nutrition because, really, that's why we need to eat. If you focus on eating the nutrients your body needs, you will automatically eat a huge variety of healthy, colorful, delicious foods. These foods will come from a variety of plant and animal sources and in many shapes and forms. At the same time, you can choose to limit your food sources (due to likes/dislikes, vegetarianism, allergies, etc.) and still eat the nutrients your body needs because we have such an abundance of food sources.

Here are a few bullet-points about eating and nutrition:

  • All diets work, but not for all people; you need to figure out a long-term eating plan that works for your lifestyle.  
  • Your eating habits are the role model for your children's eating habits. Be a good role model.
  • I feel strongly that families should eat the same food, together. Since my children were able to eat table food, they have eaten what my husband and I have eaten. We eat the same healthy food, together.  
  • Eat whole grains (not refined grains) 
  • Segregate your fats: Eat (unsaturated) vegetable fats; limit (saturated) animal fats; cut out trans fats. 
  • Eat an abundance of colorful fruits and vegetables (the different colors have different nutrients) 
  • Eat a variety of sources of protein (poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, legumes, dairy, some soy, limited red meat) 
  • If you're going to eat dairy, make it low fat