Daily Reminder

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Welcome to another day of the SWEET Life! Here are some reminders for living the SWEET Life today:


Review your SWEET Life Plan to see what aspects of the SWEET Life you completed yesterday and which you need to pay more attention to completing today. Then, start over because it’s a new day!


Sleep: If you slept 7-8 hours last night, mark off the Sleep section of your SWEET Life Cycle. You are already 1/5 of the way to living the SWEET Life! If not, decide what time you need to go to bed tonight in order to sleep 7-8 hours tonight. Plan it; then do it!


Water: If you already drank a cup of water with your multi-vitamin this morning, good for you! Mark off one cup of water on your SWEET Life Plan! Also, grab a cup of water right now in order to always have one handy! Aim for drinking one cup of water about every two hours.


Eating: What have you eaten already today? Mark off the amounts of those food groups on your SWEET Life Plan! Focus, throughout the day, on eating the amount of each food group that your body needs, especially those that you didn’t eat enough of yesterday. Minimize eating foods that don’t fit into any healthy food groups.


Exercise: If you exercised first thing this morning, mark off the Exercise section of your SWEET Life Cycle. You completed another 1/5 of your SWEET Life today! Otherwise, decide what time and what type of exercise you will do today. Plan it; then do it! If you have exercised each of the past 3-5 days, consider taking a day off of exercising today because sometimes you need to take a break.


Tranquility: What will you do today to reduce your stress level and what time will you do it? Plan it; then do it!


As you complete each aspect of the SWEET Life, mark off the amounts on the SWEET Life Plan and/or mark off the appropriate section of your SWEET Life Cycle. These help track your progress and let you know at a glance where you need to focus on improvement. Your goal is to live the SWEET Life almost every day!


And that’s how you live the SWEET Life!