Clients come to me from all walks of life, and for all sorts of reasons.   I can help you with a wide range of issues and life challenges, including
  • relationship difficulties 
  • food addiction or other types of eating distress
  • anxiety, stress and panic disorders
  • depression, low mood,
  • grief and bereavement 
  • trauma (including medically related and birth trauma)
  • feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, bewilderment
  • work related matters
  • exploration around faith, spirituality 
  • concerns regarding sexuality 
  • loneliness
  • low self esteem
  • major life transitions, (for example divorce, relocation, redundancy, retirement).
  • I especially enjoy working with recovering addicts working a 12th step programme.
Many clients choose me because they particularly want to talk with someone who has medical knowledge, as well as being a therapist.  You may be
  • struggling with your own or someone else’s illnesses, medical problems or difficulties, 
  • needing support in relation to a life changing diagnosis, bereavement, a medically related traumatic experience, or similar,
  • have anxieties related to your body image, appearance, ageing, or previous surgery,
  • undergoing or recovering from surgery - of any type, e.g. related to facial and/or bodily disfigurement, weight loss, gender confirmation or cosmetic surgery; -  and want knowledgeable understanding and support,
  • a woman seeking help with regard to recovery from miscarriage, stillbirth, postnatal depression/adjustment, birth trauma or sexual, fertility, menopausal and other related health issues
Some clients are health care or other types of professionals, struggling with burnout.  
You might be someone who, despite your seemingly external appearance of having a good life, is struggling internally behind the facade you wear.