Quiet Place Counselling is just that – I provide a quiet place and a safe, caring and respectful relationship, where together we can explore your emotions, thoughts and feelings about what’s going on for you.  

You will have space and time to reflect on what you want to bring to our sessions.  There is no formal agenda, aside from what you need. 

I provide non judgemental listening, and as our sessions progress, maybe some ideas or offerings for you to reflect on.  I offer support and am willing to listen to whatever is on your mind.  Depending on your needs, I might offer information, or suggestions, which you are free to consider or disregard.

I am experienced in working with people who have medical related trauma issues,  or who have an ongoing medical problem, cancer, undergone a traumatic illness or surgery, or a medical/hormonal/pregnancy related experience, that is affecting their emotional/psychological well being.  Because of my nursing experiences,  I have often witnessed first hand how hard it is to face and undergo surgery or medical treatment, irrespective of whether the outlook is positive or not.   I am used to working with and supporting people who are going through huge medical experiences, sometimes involving facial or other types of permanent disfigurement or change.

If you are looking for someone who has a counselling qualification as well as being at ease and knowledgeable about a wide range of medical experiences, please do get in touch. 
                                                                        Many of my clients are health care professionals in need of support with professional burnout.