My entire professional life has been spent working with people.  I have been a registered general and sick children’s nurse for many years, working in accident and emergency departments, children’s wards, then mainly in general practice.

I undertook initial counselling training in 1991, and used these skills in my nursing work.  In 2004 I qualified as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, where I assessed and treated people with a wide variety of issues, including patients with mental health difficulties.   More recently I decided to obtain formal accredited training and full registration as a counsellor.  I am now a registered counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and work within their Ethical Framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. 

Throughout my nursing career, whilst I have always enjoyed hands on clinical work, I have also been equally interested on what’s going on underneath, for the patient.  I have become increasingly aware of the importance of paying attention to our inner world, i.e. our thoughts, our feelings, our subconscious, and how these impact upon our physical wellbeing, and vice versa. 

I decided to fully train as a registered counsellor, retire from nursing and work in private practice.   I had seen how many people were helped by the combination of medical knowledge and an understanding, non judgemental and listening approach to their challenges.  I particularly wanted to work in a way where there is time to honour our inner worlds, both in my clients but also in myself.   

I enjoy meeting all people, I value our differences and similarities.  I am particularly experienced in working with people with relationship problems, and women’s health issues, e.g., sexual and menopausal health difficulties, recovery from miscarriage, stillbirth, birth trauma, and post and antenatal depression/adjustment.  I am used to counselling people with emotional difficulties caused by all sorts of reasons.  Over the years this has included children and young adults with facial or body disfigurements, parents of very ill children, people with the many varieties and degrees of mental distress, with addictions, especially food addiction,  those suffering with loss and bereavement, and adjusting to major and minor illnesses or diagnosis. 


Over the past three years I have worked as a counsellor for the NHS, at a hospice, and in private practice.  I work only with adults, and as well as my private practice I also volunteer each week at a local mental health charity.

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Keele University, and also one in Advanced Nursing Practice from Derby University.  In addition I have completed specialist training in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT),  acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) assertiveness and clear communication, motivational interviewing, transactional analysis, psychodynamic therapy, relationship and sexual problems, couple counselling, mindfulness based stress reduction and mental health assessment.