Artist Statement

Perception is limited to an individual's view of reality.  All possibilities exist in the realm of artistic expression.   Interpretation, as in beauty, is and has always been in the eye of the beholder.  Suejay offers you the opportunity to interpret her art through your own inner eye, which will allow you to see into the unseen realms of reality that exist in all dimensions.

Abstract Landscape Series

The Abstract Landscape Series is the color of reality on steroids.  Fantasy re-visited through dynamic palettes of color and contrast is Suejay's objective in this unique view of the world around us.  Saturate your senses, as you step through the looking glass of life and experience Suejay's dimensional dream  of wonder and imagination.

Energy in Art Series

The Energy in Art Series utilizes the movement of light and energy that  allows your imagination to dance playfully among the energetic patterns.  It  also allows your mind to let go of form and explore how it would feel to be totally immersed in the world of light and energy.  To become consciously aware of the expression of life on a molecular and atomic level is the experience that Suejay wants all observers to share.

Lithograph Series

The Lithograph Series captures  form using minimal contrasts of black and white.  The creative aspect portrayed through this technique, allows you to see beyond the boundaries of the illusion of the image.

Reflection Series

The Reflection Series demonstrates how images reflected in water, although distorted, allow the observer to witness abstraction through their own interpretation of reality.   Sometimes the subject matter will be obvious, while other times the observer must use their imagination to understand the artist's perspective.