Suehyun Kwon
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Department of Economics
suehyun.kwon at

Revelation Principle in Practice (April 2018, it subsumes Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard with Multidimensional Types)
Competing Mechanisms with Limited Commitment (April 2018, it subsumes "Collusion with Private Monitoring and Private Information")
General Equilibrium with Contracts (April 2018)
Mechanism Design with Moral Hazard (April 2018, it subsumes Incentive Compatibility with Endogenous States and Recursive Formulation with Learning)
Informed-Principal Problem in Mechanisms with Limited Commitment (April 2018)

Working Papers
Optimization over Graphs (May 2018)
Behavioral Players in a Game (May 2018)
Selling Complementary Goods: Information and Products (May 2018, it was previously circulated as "Pricing Advices")
Endogenous Gentrification: Council Housing (April 2018)
Dynamic Moral Hazard with Persistent States (March 2017)
Preference for Delegation with Endogenous Communication (August 2016, it was previously circulated as "Future Learning and Preference for Delegation")
Folk Theorem with Moral Hazard (taken out from "Dynamic Moral Hazard with Persistent States")
Strategic Communication and a Public Project (October 2010)
Robustness to Incomplete Information with Payoff Uncertainty (Slides: December 2009)
Additional results for "Preference for Delegation with Endogenous Communication" (April 2009)
The Principal-Agent Problem with Hidden Information (October 2007)

Relational Contracts in a Persistent Environment Economic Theory (2016) 61:183-205

Ph.D., MIT, Economics, 2012
A.B., Princeton University, magna cum laude in Mathematics, 2006

Honors and Awards
Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Prize, 2016
Samsung Scholarship, 2006-2010
MIT Presidential Fellowship, 2006-2007
Phi Beta Kappa, 2006
Sigma Xi, 2006
Honorable mention, member of Princeton team (2nd) at the 2004 Putnam Competition
Class of 1861 Prize, Mathematics Department, 2004
Top 15 at 2003 Putnam Competition, 2003
Kwanjeong Educational Foundation Scholarship, 2002-2006
Korean Presidential Fellow, 2002
Gold Medal at the 42nd International Mathematical Olympiad, 2001

Seminars and Conferences
2011-2012: University College London, Pennsylvania State University, Princeton University
2012-2013: London Business School, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, AEA, SAET
2013-2014: Seoul National University, Kyung Hee University, University of Essex, Toulouse School of Economics, IFORS, EEA-ESEM
2014-2015: LSE, World Congress
2015-2016: University of East Anglia, University of Bristol, Birkbeck, CESifo, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, University of Warwick, ESSET, Conference on Market Design and Micro Theory, Dynamic Incentive Problems Workshop (discussant)
2018-2019: (scheduled) CEIS

Academic Visits
SNU (1 week in September 2013), Columbia (PER visitor for 1 week in April 2016), Yale (Cowles visitor for 2 weeks in April 2016)

Econometrica, American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, Economic Journal, Economic Letters, Journal of Economic Theory, Economica, European Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, Theoretical Economics, Journal of European Economic Association

MSc Maths and Stats, 2012-, MSc Microeconomics, 2016-, MRes Microeconomics, 2012-2016

Amir Habibi, 2013-

Committee and Organizer
Theory Brown Bag, 2012-2015, Theory Seminar, 2015-2017