dolomites mountain

The Dolomites Mountain are a section of the Italian Alps. A tourist mecca, the Dolomites are famous for skiing and mountain climbing. 

The name Dolomites is derived from the famous French mineralogist Dolomieu who was the first to describe the dolomite rock, which is responsible for the color of the Dolomites Mountains.

The Suedtirol - Alto Adige province is the biggest Dolomites area, bordered by Austria and by Switzerland to the west. Smaller Italian Dolomites provinces that border Suedtirol - Alto Adige are Belluno, Trentino and Sondrio.

Most visited attractions in addition to the Dolomites Rocks are the botanic gardens of Merano and the Iceman Museum at the capital South Tyrolean city Bolzano.

Robert V. Camuto from Washington Post writes about Bolzano: "when you mix Latin and Germanic you get Bolzano, the meticulously preserved town wedged in the uppermost thigh of the boot of Italy between the Italian Dolomites and the Austrian Tyrol. Bolzano and the surrounding region known as the Alto Aldige or Suedtirol are indeed Italy, but the first language is German. Yet Bozen (the city's German name) doesn't fit squarely in either camp. It's a place where you can dine on pasta and, if so inclined, shop for those designer wraparound sunglasses as large as windshields. And the buses actually run on time."

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