Giant's Causeway,County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Sue Curry Jansen's teaching and scholarship focuses on issues of free expression including: relationships of power and knowledge, social conditions and institutional arrangements that promote participatory democracy and social justice and the social and intellectual histories of mediated communication. Her books include Walter Lippmann: A Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory (2012), Critical Communication Theory: Power, Media, Gender and Technology (2002) and Censorship: The Knot that Binds Power and Knowledge (1988, 1991). She is co-editor of Media and Social Justice (2011) and co-author of Humanism in Sociology (1978).

She has also published numerous articles and chapters, animated by two generative questions: What do We Know and How do We Know it? This work addresses such topics as the history of social justice movements in America, the social and intellectual history of the progressive movement, international news, propaganda, public diplomacy, nation branding and neoliberalism, gender, science and technology, representations of race and masculinity in sports media, market censorship, and censorship backfire.