Personal Background

Bodhi Daya

Bodhi is a certified hypnosis practitioner with several years of education, training, and experience as a behavior specialist. During a period of personal struggle, a series of realizations began to occur to him, revealing the true nature of reality and an approach to seeing through his own thoughts, stories, and projections. This process of unfolding truth is what led to the culmination of work that his wife, Aria Tara, and he share – the sudden liberation of seeing through  which led to the creation of the Sudden Liberation ProgramSeeing Through the Game of Life, and it’s illustrated counter-part, Seeing Through Symbology.

Aria Tara

Aria is a lifelong artist as well as a certified hypnosis practitioner with over a decade of experience practicing Hatha and Vipassana yoga. She has been influenced by Adyashanti and Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (R.S.E.). She is a practitioner of mindfulness and meditation in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Aria is a Mystery School graduate, a Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner, and a hands-on-healer in the Japanese Reiki tradition.


They live normal, busy lives; through which they have found an approach to being awake to life - being in a natural state of wakeful meditation, in such a way that fits in with the fast pace of their everyday lives.

It is their hope that this program will provide a framework for human beings with a strong commitment towards living healthy lives in truth, with integrity – free thinkers, who allow themselves and others to make positive changes. To this end, they are providing you with the tools to change your own habits and perceptions, and to help yourself overcome adverse experiences. They know that you can find the strength and clarity of present awareness that they have found through using this approach.

For more information about them, they invite you to visit their personal websites at and May you have a journey filled with wisdom, compassion, and grace while experiencing the sudden liberation of seeing through your own thoughts, stories, and projections.