Sudarshan Enterpises provides different professional expertise in following subjects -  

Energy Field - One can achieve the peak performance ,good health and positive mental attitude. One Can get rid from anxiety worry sleeplessness, tension and other negative patterns of one’s life.

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Chakra Balancing – The person gets balance with charka balancing session and experience relax, calm , happier and peace of mind.

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Art of relaxation – Experience  to relax one’s body and mind to feel deep relaxation, calm , happier,  peace of mind and rejuvenate oneself.

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Stress management – Manage stress effectively to live life tension free, relax, happier and energetic.


Time management- How and where people waste their time and how to use time more effectively and wisely to achieve once life goal.

Goal setting and achieving – Set one’s desired goal and achieve the goal in the desired time frame.

Memory Technique – Enhancing memory in shortest time to recall memory with effective simple easy techniques. 

Interpersonal Relationship –The basics of Interpersonal relationship positive self image, magnetic and vibrant personality. Recognize your rights.

Interpersonal Communication Skills - Communicate with other more effectively, sincerely, honestly and ethically. You can influence so many people.

Gigantic Mind Power- Recognize and use your deeper sub-conscious mind.

Yoga -  Yoga for healthy body and mind.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  - To use your subconscious mind.  

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Chi-kung - To use your inner energy for good health, concentration and peace.   

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