Are You Crazy?

You probably got to this site because you
were sent an email with nothing but a link.
You are lucky that email-link was not infected with a virus. Had I been devious, a criminal, or terrorist, I would not have sent you to this web site I would have loaded a virus utility on your computer.  Don't worry, you are safe - for now.

Want to know what could have happened?
I could have loaded a program to monitor all your computer activity.
Or learn all your passwords.
Or collect your private information.
Or Collect email addresses of your friends.
Or worse, I could have taken control of part of your computer (without you knowing) and used your internet connection to hack a bank. Guess who the FBI would come to see after the hacker did their worst? YOU.

I could eventually have stolen your identity, filed fake income tax returns & gotten huge tax refunds in your name.  I could have taken cash from your bank, bought a car using your credit, purchased goods or services without your permission. Want me to go on? All it takes is a click!

, All It Takes Is A Click!,

Do you trust the friend of your friend?
Just because you trust your friends, don't trust their emails. Your friends can be sucked in just like you were today. If their computer is compromised, so are their emails. Just because it looks like your friend sent you an email does not mean they really sent it! It is very simple for an evil plan to spread, just friends trusting friends, blindly.

If you are expecting the attachment or link, no worries. If you were not expecting the email, be very careful.

If your friend did not send the email, their system, email, or internet has been compromised. Tell them to change their sensitive passwords (using a different computer) right away. Then have them check their virus software, do a computer scan, and back up their hard drive. If their email has been hacked, they will need to notify all people on their contact list to beware, a virus might be coming

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