Mango Papad (Mango Papad Recipe - Aam ka Papad)

Ingredients for Mango papad

2 large (500 grams) Mango Confirmed

2 table spoon Sugar
 2   Little Ilhaichi (peel Take)

Method - How to make Aam ka Papad
  1. Dhoeye mango, cut into pieces of Chiliye and pulp.
  2. Mango pieces, sugar and grind finely mixed Ilhaichi guest.
  3. Mango and sugar in a pot Dalie this granulated mixture and let it keep on fire to cook. Simmer 7-8 minutes after coming esoteric cooking spoon run guest.
  4. Take a plate or tray and smooth putting fuel leading to the cooked mango mixture into the plate to give thin spread.
  5. Now let the plate put in the sun drying. If the strong sunlight from morning till evening as dried mango papad is ready.
  6. Sunshine mango papad after you leave the room or kitchen, anywhere can put the plate, the plate of mango papad in the kitchen you completely covered with thin cloth .
  7. It is common papad Sukht in the air, just like our common papad Puar which was dry in the sun dried it should be ready by morning.
  8. Dried mango papad from the tip of the knife edge, you'll look out his entire layer, the common papad wet longer than any place he has Chipakt the place.
  9. Remove the mango papad plate anywhere in time sticking to the mango papad and Keep dry.
  10. Common Papad dry completely with the aid of the knife edge are separated by a common papad Kinane take and hold the hand take out the whole papad plate.
  11. The mango papad your mind like a knife can cut into shape and size.
  12. These common Papad esoteric pieces cut by placing layer on top of one or several pieces can be placed carefully.

Pehapad spicy Mango (Spicy  And Khatta Meetha Mango/Aam Papad )

  1. You Pehapad spicy Mango (Spicy Aam ka Papad) can also create time for it buried on mangopulp ,1/4 tsp Neebusat,   ½ tsp salt and black pepper about 6 to put the grind.
  2. Balance method is like sweet mango Pehapad.
  3. Mango papad you put in the fridge for 1-2 months can eat.