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Sucheta Tripathy

Brief Bio:
Sucheta started her research career as a CSIR JRF at the Center for Plant Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, where she worked on Genetic Transformation of Indian Cotton Cultivars. Subsequently, being influenced by friends and family, she took up PGDST at NCST (an independent R &D unit under Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India, now cDAC). She took up a job as a programmer for a month followed by 2 jobs in Bioinformatics start ups for a couple of years. In 2002 she moved to Virginia Bioinformatics Institute  at the Virginia Tech. There she worked extensively on all aspects of microbial genomics, transcriptomics and Bioinformatics. In August 2012, she came back to India and joined Indian Institute of Chemical Biology as a Scientist and Ramalingaswamy Fellow. Her favorite pass time is Gardening, Zumba, Yoga, Playing chess. She is also author of popular blog genome-array. 

Research Interests:
Biomedical Informatics, Genomes and transcriptome sequencing of indigenous Indian Micro flora, Algorithm and software development for bioinformatics. 

Graduate Students

Lubna Sheikh

Brief Bio:

Lubna Has done her Bsc. in Zoology (hons.) and Msc. in Biotechnology from North Orissa University. She is a university topper and has been offered DST Inspire fellowship. She is currently working on nano bio-materials for biomedical applications. She is working at the CSIR-NML and doing her course work at IICB. Her favorite pass times is to draw, sing, dance. She has won several awards in debate and essays. 

Subhadeep Das

Brief Bio: 

Subhadeep has done his BTech in BioTech from Haldia Institute if Technology and MTech from WUBT. He has a DBT fellowship and has qualified GATE several times from 2010 through 2012. Subhadeep is interested to study the association of disease and other phenotypic behaviour with polymorphisms in human genome. He will develop statistical models for a predictive software. His favorite pass time include playing guitar, computer games.He has exclusive photographs from his recent trips to Uttarakhand.  



Brief Bio:

Madhu has done her Msc.bioinformatics from Bharathidasan university,trichy with a gold medal and BSc Bioinformatics from Pondicherry university . She is having DST inspire fellowship .Madhu is also volleyball champion and played national team. She is  working  in BGA sequencing programming, Next gen sequence analysis, currently working on Pacbio data of oomycetes P.ramorum.


Arijit Panda

Brief Bio:
Arijit has done his in information technology at Adamas institute of Technology, kolkata and he has cleared the CSIR-NET engineering, he is currently working with the database project and he is a player of volleyball and his favorite time pass is playing carroms.

Email id : 

Deeksha Singh

Brief Bio:

Deeksha has done her MTech. in Biotechnology from D.Y. Patil University. She is mostly taking care of the wetlab which has beautiful and economically important cyanobacterial cultures which are being sequenced and will be subsequently analyzed. She has good writing skills and has her own blogsite too. She also likes travelling and trying hands on canvas.She is ICMR-SRF.

Abhishek Das

Brief Bio:
Abhishek has done his M.Sc (Tech) from West Bengal University of Technology. He is an ICMR fellow and engaged in ENCODE project. Contact:

Diya Sen

Brief bio: Diya sen has completed her Phd in university of Idaho, Idaha. she has joined our Lab as Research Associate funded by CSIR, recently she bagged the Women scientist position by CSIR joined our lab as pool scientist Presently she is working on cyanobacterial genomics and transcriptomics approaches.

Samrat Ghosh

Brief Bio:
Samrat has done his in Botany(H) from Barasat Govt. College(CU),M.Sc from University of Burdwan and MTech in Bioinformatics from WBUT. He has a DBT fellowship and has qualified GATE  2010&2011 ,ARS NET 2013. Samrat is interested to work on Machine learning technique. Presently he is learning Database . 


Mayuri Mukherjee

Brief Bio:

Mayuri has joined this lab as a CSIR JRF on August, 2015. She did her B.Sc (Honours) in Botany from Presidency College, Kolkata and her Masters, that also in Botany from University of Delhi.  She is dealing with the biochemical properties of few cyanobacteria having great potential to be used as biofuel producers. Recently she has started exploring into the field of bioinformatics as cyanobacterial transcriptome perspective. She is obsessed with Bengali literature and often dreams of owning a house packed with Bengali story books.

contact info:

Our Trainees


Brief Bio:
Vineeta has completed BS-MS in Lifescience at IISER-Kolkata, she has joined our lab recently as a project fellow, she is working with cyanobacterial cloning, and expression system and extracting the secondary metabolities in cyanobacteria.


Arup Ghosh

Brief Bio:

Arup has done B.Pharm from West Bengal University of Health Science & currently pursuing M.S.(Pharm) in National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (Kolkata). He is currently working on EumicrobeDB and BGAGenomics project. He enjoys photography, solving math puzzles, blogging rest of the time. 

Ajay Kumar

Gyan Prakash Mishra

Brief Bio:

Gyan has done B.Pharm from Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences(MCOPS), Manipal and currently Pursuing M.S(Pharm) in Pharmacoinformatics at NIPER-kolkata. He has joined the lab as project trainee. He is good badminton and carom player.

Akash Gupta


Brief Bio:
Akash has completed his MTech. at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur. He is also working at the Director's cell at IICB as a programmer. Genome Unified Schema has been widely used world wide and is very robust, but the Oracle framework of this database limits its usage. Especially in developing countries, paying for the license fees every year makes it an expansive option. The present database is based on GUS schema. Akash will remodel GUS and alter the schema with all the plugins, so that it runs on mysql. Akash favorite passtime is to read novels and blog and I see him online most of the time:) He is also a spelling bee champion and a math whiz.

Madduluri Madhavi

Sushma Bhan

Anindya Haldar

Brief Bio:
Anindya is currently pursuing his BTech. in BioTech from SRM University Chennai. He is working on a pipeline for creating core ortholog proteins that defines an organism as a Oomycetes. He along with his colleague will be working extensively on HMMs to define the core that makes an Oomycetes different from other organisms.

Vikas Ranjan

Brief Bio:
Vikas is currently pursuing his BTech. in BioTech from SRM University Chennai. He is working on a pipeline for creating core ortholog proteins that defines an organism as a Oomycetes. He along with his colleague will be working extensively on HMMs to define the core that makes an Oomycetes different from other organisms.

Arpita Ghorai

Brief Bio:

Arpita has done her BTech in BioTech from Haldia Institute if Technology and MTech from WUBT and she is a classmate of Subhadeep. She has joined the group as a project Assistant and will contribute in several different aspects starting from transcript discovery to genome sequencing and helping with making some web based tools. She holds an honors in painting and is good at singing and dancing.

Neha Varshney

Neha Sanghi

Brief Bio:
Neha has done her BSc. in Biotech followed by MSc. in Bioinformatics from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. She is currently interested in studying the variants present in exome sequences in human oral cancer sequence. The data is generated at Dr. Susanta Roy Choudhury's lab  and sequenced at the Core facility at IICB. Analysis is done in collaboration with Dr. Tripathy's lab. Neha has also participated in many national symposiums and published many papers. She is an athlete and was an NCC cadet during her school days.