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Watering Notes:

Regular = 2-3 times per week

Moderate = Once a week

Infrequent = Once every few weeks (when the soil is dry several inches down)


Lighting Notes:

Full Sun =  6-8 hours of direct sunlight
Part Shade = Filtered sunlight or direct sun for only a few hours
Shade:  Bright light but no direct sunlight

xGraptoveria 'Alpine Glow'

Origin:  Mexico

Light:  Shade

Water:  Moderate






x Graptoveria amethorum

Amethyst Plant, Jewel-Leaf Plant

Origin:  Mexico

Light:  Shade

Water:  Moderate


One of the more delicate Graptoveria hybrids, the Amethyst Plant is truly a joy to behold.  This species is believed to be Graptopetalum amethystinum x Echeveria purpusorum.

This plant is slow growing and has moderate watering needs.  Plants do very well in shade outside or bright light in the home. 

x Graptoveria 'Silver Star'

Origin:  Hybrid

Light:  Part Shade

Water:  Regular


Graptoveria 'Silver Star' is great hybrid, forming a large rosette of packed pointed leaves.  Plants offset in time from the base.

Plant Profile: xGraptoveria

The name Graptoveria is a combination of Echeveria and Graptopetalum.  The 'x' before the name signifies this hybridization.

Graptoveria Care

Caring for Graptoverias is similar to that of Echeveria and Graptopetalum.  Bright light or shaded areas are best.

Take care when placing outside as scarring can develop quickly even in partial sunlight.  Most plants can be brought into the sun if done very gradually.