Success Logic

We live in a world with an amazing array of choices. It's easy to coast along and live according to the decisions we made years ago or perhaps only months ago. In order to fully engage in life and with the people around you, coasting isn't an option. It's necessary to make conscious choices to arrive at your chosen destination, whether it's clearer goals, better work relationships, or more effective delegation.

At Success Logic, our philosophy is informed by Servant Leadership and a belief in the effectiveness of connections. Our approach is to co-create the environments that support you in achieving your goals, whatever they may be. Among our offerings are coaching programs, ongoing one-on-one coaching, and group sessions.

Coaching programs
Each program starts with two 80-minute sessions to clarify your specific situation and to create a coaching plan. After that, you can choose the ongoing coaching option that works best for you.

Leadership Development
Do you have the skills to effectively exercise your passion? Communication is at the heart of leadership and this program is designed to assist you in developing concrete skills and the focus required to integrate them into your day. 

Personal Productivity / Time Management
Does it feel like you are adding to your to-do list faster than you can take things off? In this program, we focus on key ingredients to being effective, such as being clear on your goals, having a system to keep the chaos organized, and taking care of yourself.

Ongoing Coaching
The desired end result of any coaching relationship is progress, so each option includes a monthly or quarterly review of your goals. Your choice of group session (see below) is also included.

In-depth coaching
These 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions are designed for people with complex situations or who need time to process all that is going on in their world.

Laser coaching
These 20-minute one-on-one coaching sessions are designed for people with clear goals and a straightforward action plan.

Group Sessions
These 50-minute planning sessions provide a consistent time for you to focus on your week. Drop in as you can and we’ll keep you company. Available three weeks per month.

Monday Morning Group
Take time to organize your thoughts and plan your week.

Friday Morning Group
Take time to track your progress and make contingency plans.

Different people benefit from different approaches. If your needs aren't met by these options, please contact us.


“I started my business during good times in my industry. I knew there were changes coming, though, and I hadn’t done what I needed to prepare for them. Coaching with Sandra got me off my butt and I started laying the groundwork for the future. After only four coaching sessions, the snow ball effect has kicked in and I’m on a roll.” B.H., TX