Welcome POTENTIAL online students! Before you start your first online course, the following will help you prepare for your new journey.


TAKE A SURVEY: Click on the icon to take an e-learning readiness self-assessment, which includes topics such as technology access, technology relationship skills, motivation, online video or audio, internet discussions, and success factors.   If your score is below the suggested value, the survey also provides recommendations to prepare for online learning.



Researchers study different aspects of online learning including preparing potential students.   With the growth of online learning, individuals can now learn about these studies from specialized courses such as THE ONLINE LEARNER.  Click on the icon for 5 CRITICAL ELEMENTS from Mrs. Unten, an NCU learner studying e-learning, to understand before you commit to online learning.    


Palloff and Pratt (2001) stated that "technology is having, and will continue to have a profound impact on colleges and universities in America and around the glode. Distance learning ... is becoming increasingly more visible as part of the higher education family” (p.4).  For many years, universities, colleges, and their faculty members developed tips, advice, and information for new online learners from personal experiences and research.  Click on the icon to view 12 Videos of TIPS, ADVICE & INFORMATION as you prepare to be an online learner.