Professor LaVerne B. Hamlin is devoted to assisting classroom teachers, home educators, business owners, profit and non-profit organizations, as well as religious groups in securing funds through private and government grants.  CONTACT PROFESSOR HAMLIN

You have a unique opportunity for success in receiving grant money awards using Professor Hamlin as your facilitator: She  has secured more one million dollars in grant awards and is also currently a grant judge for a national company.

We also have a department devoted to home educators which facilitates educational and innovative field trips and special projects for home schoolers.

What is a grant?

 A grant is “free” money from the government and many private organizations that does not require you to pay it back.

Why would I need to hire a professional grant writer?

Acquiring funds for any purpose requires a great deal of hard work.  There are many components to consider in order to be given grant support and there is an enormous need to get the attention of the funding organization to approve your request over other hopefuls.  Given these circumstances, one needs an expert in writing and developing the grant proposal.  Professional grant writers understand the need of every applicant for grant funding.  They are trained professionals who are skilled in converting your ideas into an effective written proposal.

Why do government and other organizations provide grant funds?

The federal government gives out money to people who can clearly identify the benefits of their proposed project, such as generating more jobs and reducing poverty in the country.  As jobs increase, more individuals will pay their taxes and these tax dollars will in turn be used in providing structures for the development of cities and counties.  These tax dollars will aid the government in assisting programs like granting loans and providing well needed assistance and services to the public.  Private organizations award grants to individuals and organization who share the same mission and visions as theirs.  Grants aid the organization to accomplish their mission better and enable them to utilize their resources more effectively as they carry out their social responsibilities.

How long will it take to have you write my grant proposal?

It depends upon package you purchase.  Any proposal could take anywhere from 1 month to 5 months depending upon the type of research involved.  We do accept quick grant writing projects.  If you need to meet a grant application with a specific deadline for submission, we will gladly work with you under certain conditions.  We will not accept a project which has a set deadline less than to two weeks from the time you place your order with us. We do not accept projects in such a short notice because this may affect the quality of service.  The entire grant writing process is rigorous because of the intensive research for potential sources and to ensure effectiveness.

Ok, I am interested.  What do I do now?

Please contact us at (804) 397-1998 or email us to schedule an appointment so we can discuss options.  Let’s get started today!

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