Ride Coordination

 Monika Ciesielska is the Acting SCU Ride Coordinator.  Queries can be sent to Rides@SuburbanCyclists.org.

Do you want to lead rides with SCU?

There are a few basic requirements to become a ride leader. First of all, you need to be a paid member of Suburban Cyclists Unlimited. If you have not yet paid dues, or need to renew your membership for 2015, you can do so by clicking here to register online, or you can click hereto download the registration form, then print it and mail it to SCU with a check for your dues.


Next, you need to become an "Event Organizer" on our Meetup page. To get your permissions updated on Meetup, please email the Ride Coordinator. See RideSubmission Guidelines for more information.


I also strongly encourage that anyone who is interested in becoming a ride leader attend our Ride Leader training (see the next section for more information).


2016 Ride Leader Training


Ride leader training is co-hosted by SCU and the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia in the spring. More details will be provided as soon as specifics have been confirmed.

Ride Submission Guidelines

You can now post your ride to the SCU Meetup site  and/or the SCU mailing list. (Please read these detailed instructions on using the Meetup site.) To receive credit for leading a ride, you must post the ride to the SCU Meetup site, or the SCU list serve at least 48 hours before the ride!  Only recurring weeknight rides at our normal ride start locations will be noted in the SCU Chainletter and on the SCU website (see SCU Ride calendar on the website).  It is the responsibility of each ride start location Ride Coordinator to assure that these listings are up to date.  Individual (non-recurring) ride postings will now be posted on the SCU Meetup site.

2015 Ride Leader Recognition

As we get ready to kick off our spring ride season (April 1, 2015), it's important to remember that all rides from October 1, 2014 onward count toward the 2015 season for ride leader recognition. 

Our ride leaders are one of the best resources we have in SCU. Without these individuals, our Club would not be what it is today – one of the premier cycling organizations in the region! These individuals sacrifice their time to lead many of us on exciting and safe ride routes, while at the same time mentoring new riders as they advance in their riding skills.

Every year, we recognize the efforts of our ride leaders at the annual winter banquet. In the 2012 ride season, we also started recognizing the efforts put forth on larger rides by the addition of ride sweeps to the tabulation of total rides/sweeps performed, and we continue that recognition.

Our Ride Leader Recognition Program for the 2015 ride season will be the same as last year.  The Ride Leader Award Levels for the 2015 riding season are as follows (note that these levels are noted on the bottom of the SCU - Official Ride Sheet which is available on www.suburbancyclists.org):

Ride Leader Award Levels

Bronze – Lead/Sweep > 15 total rides (weekend or weekday) = Award

Silver – Lead/Sweep > 20 total rides (including 5 weekend rides) = Award and free banquet pass

Gold – Lead/Sweep > 25 total rides (including 10 weekend rides) = Award and two free banquet passes

The “award” will be the same for all award categories with the differentiation being the addition of the banquet pass(es).  The type/value of the award will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Sweep Requirements

Note that your total tabulation now includes when you both perform as a ride leader or sweep!  A ride “sweep” only gets credit if the following conditions are met:

1.     Sweep must be identified at the beginning of the ride and be noted on the SCU Official Ride Sheet;

2.     Must be > 10 riders on a posted group ride;

3.     Sweep must stay at the back of the group;

4.     Sweep must communicate any “rider back” issues;

5.     Sweep must accompany any distressed rider back if needed.

As in the past, there will be year end awards (at the banquet) for significant ride leader/sweep accomplishments.   So start tallying your rides using these guidelines!  For the period from October 1, 2012 to the present, please note the “sweep” requirements which must be met.  Again, best wishes for a healthy 2013 and a safe riding season!

What is considered an SCU Ride?

1.     A ride that is advertised in the SCU Chainletter, on the SCU Website or Meetup site, or on the SCU list serve (website, Meetup, and list serve listings must be made at least 48 hours prior to the ride start), and

2.     A ride that is lead by an SCU Ride Leader, and

3.     A ride that uses the SCU Ride Sign-In Sheet, and

4.     The SCU Ride Leader must carry the Ride Sign-In Sheet with him/her on the ride in case emergency services are needed.

Recurring Evening Rides

Recurring weekly evening rides are scheduled from the first week of April until the last week of September:

Monday: Church of the Savior in Wayne, PA (start location COS)

Tuesday: North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA (start location NPHS) and Hatboro-Horsham High School in Horsham, PA (start location HHHS)

Wednesday: Indian Valley Middle School in Harleysville, PA (start location IVMS) and Flourtown Shopping Center in Flourtown, PA (start location FSC )

Thursday: Hatboro-Horsham High School in Horsham, PA (start location HHHS), North Penn High School in Lansdale, PA (start location NPHS), Jacobs Engineering Parking Lot in Conshohocken, PA (start location  JEPL), and Appallachian Brewing Company parking lot Collegeville, PA (start location ABC)

Choose from rides with different ride leaders at varying speeds, distances, and abilities based on members present, weather, and sunset times. Check the SCU Meetup Calendar for ride start times and speeds.

Please see the ride start locations in the Ride Guide, and view sample Cue Sheets. If you are looking to lead a ride, use maps and mapping software to figure out where the best roads are, then drive or ride either the entire route or the portions you are unfamiliar with.

Use the SCU Ride until Sunset Chart to look up sunset times and to determine riding distances for start times of 5:30, 6:00, and 6:30 PM for speeds of 10 to 20 MPH. Or use the My SCU Favorites ride calendar to see the sunset times for upcoming rides.

2014 Top 10 Ride/Sweep Leaders

You'll note that, this year, there are more than 10 names on this "Top 10" list. This is due to a miscount on my part, which meant that a couple people got left off the list. I apologize for not recognizing these individuals at the banquet along with the other leaders.

 Name     Rides Led & Swept
Linda McGrane 247
Joe Phelps     124
John Dwyer 67
 Elliot Titcher 62
 Howard Haber 44
 Bob Fuerst 38
 Jay Sitkin 35
 Steve Cissne 34
 Mike Fuller 31
 Fred Goodwin 31
 Peter Vellentri 30
 Denise Gale 29

2014 Order of the Knights of the Cast Iron Crotch

The OKCIC is a select group of SCU Members that spent a significant amount of time in the saddle in 2014….namely in excess of 5,000 miles.  These riders either have no life outside of cycling or a deep affection for their bicycle seat!

For 2014, the SCU OKCIC members and mileages are:

 Name   Mileage 
 Linda McGrane    13,518         
 Ken Kress11,000 
 George Carey10,442 
 Mary Mita10,040 
 Howard Hochheiser9,255 
 Achim Kraus8,678 
 Samer Eid   8,300 
 Carl Zingle8,070 
 Curtis Schwartz    7,989 
 Candace Kennedy-Hess7,234 
 Alisa Levin6,400 
 Charlaine Dunlap    6,352 
 Wayne Dunlap6,224 
 Nevin Mininger    5,965 
 Claire Tanzer    5,400 
 Kevin Koffke5,278 
 Terry Gregory5,193 
 Howard Haber5,134 
 Elliot Titcher5,097 
 Fred Goodwin5,047 
 Kurt Gale    5,000 

SCU Tour Policy

SCU has supported the organization of multiple day bike tours in the past (MS150, Salisbury, Rehoboth, etc.), and will continue to support the organization of these tours in the future. Based on a need to streamline the tour organization process, the following official SCU policy for multiple day bike tours has been established.

In the past, there have generally been three tours per year organized by SCU members. For budgetary purposes, it will be assumed that three tours will be organized. SCU may partially subsidize sag support and hospitality costs, but all other costs associated with the tour are the responsibility of participants. Policy guidelines are as follows (for all tours where any subsidy or funding is requested):

1.     All tours must be organized by an active member of SCU.

2.     All tour participants that are riding must be SCU active members. Otherwise, the tour is considered a special event, which incurs additional insurance costs that must be covered by the tour participants.

3.     The organizing member must submit a proposal to the Executive Committee detailing the approximate number of participants, deadlines for placing deposits and paying for hotel rooms, the date and method by which all funds will be collected from tour participants, and sag support or hospitality costs anticipated. The proposal must be submitted for EC approval well in advance of any tour deadlines.

4.     SCU will not issue any checks for housing for the tour until the organizing member of the tour collects all funds and forwards them to the Treasurer. It is the responsibility of the organizing member of the tour to determine the appropriate deadlines for collecting funds from tour participants. All housing costs are the responsibility of the tour participants, and monies for such are provided on a “pass through” basis only after funds have been provided to the Treasurer.

5.     There is a funding cap of $175 per tour with a total cap of $525 per year.

6.     Any unforeseen costs not accounted for in the tour proposal must be brought immediately to the attention of the Executive Committee, preferably, prior to expenditure.

This policy may be changed at the discretion of the Executive Committee following notification of the SCU membership.