Kedjiwaan day, March 22nd at Twin Oaks

posted Mar 15, 2014, 9:01 AM by Wijati Soemantoro

Dear Helpers and Committee members,

All area committee members and helpers are invited to a kedjiwaan day, March 22nd at the Twin Oaks house in Beltsville.   We have a visiting National Helper, Alexander Boyer, hopefully a Regional Helper and also an International Helper, Elaina Dodson.  The purpose of this day is to do latihan together and test questions that will provide guidance concerning our helper and committee work.   Below is the schedule for the Dewan Day. We have planned the morning for the whole dewan, helpers and committee, and the afternoon for just helpers. 

10:30 Helper and committee latihan and testing. 
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Helper latihan and testing.  

With love, 

The SWDC Dewan

Subud DC Center Events in March, 2014

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
This Sunday, 3/16, following 1:30 latihan at Twin Oaks (4300 Howard Rd. Beltsville, MD), we will have a time for sharing among all present on the question of: "How do I live the latihan?" Or in other words: "How do I discern my Guidance and bring it into my daily living?"--Barbara Thomas to facilitate.

Sunday 3/23, our regional and national helpers will be at Twin Oaks and all are invited for a special time of 
  11:00 a.m.--latihan and kedjiwan activities
  12:30-- break for potluck lunch and fellowship and a walk-through of the new Subud Washington DC Center--newly named the Amani Event Center
  Afternoon activities following

Sunday 3/30--following 1:30 latihan will be reading of Susila Buddhi Dharma--Soemantoros to facilitate.

Please join for whatever you can.


Easter Work Camp

posted Mar 10, 2014, 5:03 PM by Wijati Soemantoro

RSVP NOW to let us know you're in for April 18-21!

Inline image 1
Do you know what FOMO is?

Fear Of Missing Out.  In other words, what will descend upon you if you miss this opportunity.

To all Subud Youth and young at heart:  

Please join us April 18-21 for a weekend of friends, fun, and productivity as we put some of the important final touches on the new Washington, D.C. Subud Center.  

You provide the hands and the smiles, and we'll provide the latihan space, meals and amenities, next-door shelter, local transportation... and LOTS of appreciation.

What kind of work are we talking about, you ask?
  • We need your help with planting the trees and shrubs (lots of them) that are according to code for this area and must be planted in spring.  We'll have all the plant material ready to go.
  • For the more skilled enthusiasts, there is a deck to be built, 2 fences to put up, and some walkways to work on.  If the weather threatens outdoor work, there is painting and other fun inside tasks (to be determined).
And guess what?  Subud Durham, an energetic and spirited bunch, is already in—they're sending a whole team of young and older skilled builders to help shoulder the load.  If you've met them, you know what fun they are.  If you haven't, you should.

Bring families, friends, sleeping bags and pillow, music, earphones, good stories and jokes—and be part of this barn-raising effort.  This is your Subud Center—for all and for everyone—a true legacy for the next generation.

If anyone is traveling by air or train (both are BWI Amtrak station/airport), please call us so we can arrange transportation (Barbara Thomas at 410-867-2473, the Alkaitises at 410-647-3793).

Thanks, and we are all looking forward to working together.  #TeamSubud for the win!


Alex for the SWDC Group

Amani Event Center

posted Feb 25, 2014, 12:29 PM by Wijati Soemantoro

Amani — Skyping with Subud DC

The prefabricated house arrives by truckDuring “High Tea” at the Kedjiwaan Day on February 9th, Skyped the Subud group in Washington DC, who were holding a meeting the same day. I had brought my laptop and a hotspot, so we were able to make it a video connection. I don’t usually like talking with video. It makes me feel self conscious; but in this case it was just the right thing. We were able to see our friends in Washington and, while there wasn’t enough time for real conversations, it was great to see their faces and give a wave back.

Barbara Thomas in Washington had suggested the call. Subud Boston had donated some money for the new Subud House in Washington so the ostensible reason it was to make the donation personal, but the great part of it was just to make the connection. Barbara wrote and sent some photographs of the new house:

Dear Cassidy,

It was fun to see and talk with the Boston crowd on Sunday Feb. 9. Here are a few pictures of the recent construction. The fully-built house is the one where we have been having latihan for the last several years — “Twin Oaks” — which is right next door.

We have selected a name for the Center — Amani Event Center. Many names were submitted and a group of five, nationally, whittled it down to six names. From those, we voted and decided on this one. Here was the discussion: “Amani Event Center,” The meaning is excellent and very light. Also, it is like a high-end brand name, Armani, (also Italian). “A” names are strong names. We can quote the meaning to clients and it both fits Subud in its content and is marketable. Helpful that the name is found in many cultures. Short and easy to say and to remember. Another Subud center is called… Amanecer which is Colombia. (it means dawn.) Very close.

From Mehdi and Laura: “Amani” The name Amani is of Arabic origin, meaning “believer”. It is also of African origin, meaning “peace”. The meaning of the name Amani is Security, Trust. The origin of the name Amani is Persian Amani can be a name of arabic origin, written as أماني, in which case it can mean ‘wishes’, ‘aspirations, wishes’ or ‘an aspiration, a desire’. It can also be an unisex name meaning ‘peace’ in Kiswahilli.

Thanks to you and Boston for your support,

(Barbara Thomas)

Click on an image to see the large version.
Twin Oaks, Subud DC's present location
Twin Oaks, Subud DC’s present location
The prefabricated house arrives by truck
The prefabricated house arrives by truck

The prefabricated pieces go together.
The prefabricated pieces go together.
In two days the construction process was almost completed
In two days the construction process was almost completed

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Kejiwaan day on March 22 and 23, 2014

posted Feb 25, 2014, 10:40 AM by Wijati Soemantoro   [ updated Mar 1, 2014, 6:31 AM ]

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Washington DC, Maryland and N. Virginia Areas,

 On the weekend of March 22- 23 we have the pleasure of a visit from our National Helpers Alexandra Boyer and Hoan Toan Phan.  Also, some of the Regional Helpers and an International Helper may also be here with us.

You are all invited to join us on March 23rd for a day of latihan and kejiwaan activities, a pot luck lunch and a walk-through the new Subud Wash. DC Center on Sunday, beginning 11 am for latihan- both men and women, at Twin Oaks (4300 Howard Rd., Beltsville.)

We will break for light lunch and the tour around 12:30 and begin the afternoon activities afterwards.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be together in our worship and companionship and we hope you can make it!

With love,

The SWDC Dewan

Minutes: SWDC Meeting Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014

posted Feb 25, 2014, 9:58 AM by Wijati Soemantoro


Present: Wijati and Effendy Soemantoro, Damanhuri and Rohana Alkaitis, Myriam and Ra’uf Ramsey, Imran Vittachi, Barbara Thomas.


Helpers’ Report


Latihans as usual--Sunday 1:30 and Wed. 7:45 at Twin Oaks and Call in

No return call from Dorothy Louise Edwards, in Subud in Washington State and now from Fairfax, who had contacted us a month ago. Soemantoros mentioned they will try to call her as she is on their way to Beltsville.  (360-941-3050 for follow up).

Roberta Hoffman (Baltimore) has recently moved and would like a cleansing latihan for her new home.

National Helpers (Alexandra and Hoan Toan) will be in the area March 22 and 23, so Rohana and Myriam will follow up re kedjiwan day for area members--especially helpers and committees. Rohana will follow up to see if Regional helpers would like to join.

First Sundays prior to 1:30 latihan will continue to be helpers’ latihan; third Sundays at 1:00 will be dewan latihan.



Latihans continue as usual with helper and dewan latihans as above.

Mr. Fnu Ngadirin contacted us through the website. He is in the US for 3 years with the Indonesian Embassy and is coming on Sunday mornings for candidate sessions now.


All agreed that our post latihan events were working well: First Sundays, Kedjiwan; Second Sundays, Jivin’ Jiwa Java Hour; Third Sundays, Sharing Circle; Fourth Sundays, Bapak and Ibu readings.



Subud Regional and SUSA

Wijati was joyfully and unanimously selected to be our delegate to the May 22-26 SUSA National Congress in Pittsburg. She will keep us informed of by-laws changes and other information for which we should give input.


We were reminded to sign up for the International Congress in Mexico Aug. 2-17


We have offered to hold the Subud East Coast Gathering at our new Center in Beltsville for October 11-13 and seek members willing to coordinate tasks associated with this: finding a block of hotel rooms, coordinating transportation and food, planning entertainment night. working with Manuela and SEC on details.


Subud East Coast asked each local group to consider if it could raise its monthly donation to SEC since NYC has met financial difficulties and income is cut short. We agreed that we cannot raise our donation of $100 per month at this time.


Center Building Update

1.  Ra’uf reported on progress and priorities of finishing needs.


2.  Effendy described security options. Since there is no electricity and not much to steal,

            we decided to hold that decision for now.


3.  Rohana and Wijata reported on brick options and the wisdom of waiting until we get a bit further along in the finishing.


4.  Damanhuri spoke of volunteer building projects including painting, deck, planting.     Alkaitis’ are organizing a team of youth and construction folks from North       Carolina to come in in late April to join locals in a work weekend.


5.  Barbara spoke of our severe financial situation and need for costs to come down or donations to go up. We discussed options:

(i)  only complete what is absolutely necessary for occupancy (Ra’uf to give us new accounting the next week)

(ii)  fundraise more aggressively from area members, possibly for specific items

(iii)  create fundraising package for national members, finding ways of buy-in

(iv)  seek delay of loan repayments to MSF (starting this April) and SUSA (starting in June)

**Cost on paper to date and money in bank and in pockets is not presently enough to complete the Center for occupancy.


Treasurer’s Report

Effendy had not completed, to his satisfaction yet, the full report of income/expenses for 2013. He is continuing to work on it.


Naming our Center

From a short list of 6 names, derived from the many names suggested over the last 7-8 months, were provided by our shortlisting team (Lucian Parshall, Marston Gregory, Rasjidah Franklin, Rohana Alkaitis, and Rob Dodson). “Event Center” was agreed to be placed in all options: Amani, Beltsville, Live Oak, Subud DC, Dawn, and Grace.


Each member present was given 6 points to spread over the 6 names. The scoring was:

Amani Event Center:  22

Live Oak Event Center: 13

Subud DC Event Center: 6

Beltsville Event Center: 4

Grace Event Center: 0

Dawn Event Center: 0


Opportunities for Service

We were not able to divvy up the tasks awaiting us but invite those reading to sign on to ones that fit their interests and abilities:


1. Fundraising ideas and follow through

2. Planting 129 trees and 200 bushes (late April)

3. Deck Building (late April)

4. Painting (early April)

5. SEC Conference Planning team Oct. 22-24 Conference

6. Exploring Rental Options for Center sustainable income (advertising, contracts, etc.)

7. Moving SUSA office to new Center at time of occupancy (June?)

8. Planning Grand Opening

9. Furnishing Center

10. Yard Maintenance oversight

11. Housekeeping Quality Control

12. Other???

Subud World Congress 2-17 August 2014, Puebla, Mexico

posted Dec 19, 2013, 2:56 PM by Wijati Soemantoro   [ updated Mar 1, 2014, 6:53 AM ] Early Bird 1 now closed. Early Bird 2 Fee in effect until April 30th. Check Fees Page

The main focus of this congress will be the Latihan:

  • Our deeper understanding of where we are today, individually and as a group.
  • The fruits of the Latihan for each of us, and how do we wish to express this in the world.
  • Outreach and interactivity with the people of Puebla, who are opening their town to us with great generosity.

Aug. 31 Party Plus Thanks and Wishes

posted Aug 31, 2013, 10:59 PM by Wijati Soemantoro

Dear Subud Area Members,
Greetings. I would like to invite you all for a play day at my home on Saturday afternoon, August 31 between 1-5 pm. Those of you who have come in the past know that I live on Carr's Creek in Deale, MD with access to the Chesapeake Bay. We have a couple of kayaks and a canoe, lawn games, a gazebo for shade, a couple of bikes, and a nice peninsula between the Creek and the Bay to stroll. Bring light, healthy finger food to share if you wish (but I'll have plenty--so mainly just come and enjoy). We have no private space here for latihan, so that will not be part of the mix. Some of you may wish to stay afterwards and go to one of the local seafood restaurants for dinner. 5957 Second St., Deale, MD 20751 410-867-2473
No need to RSVP or announce what food or drink you might bring. Just show up to enjoy the day!
An additional treat for this Sat. and Sunday is that three of our Regional Helpers will be here: Lucas Bolodian, Michael Barber, and Sharifa Benepe. They will arrive for the Sat. gathering, go out to dinner with whomever wants to stay and join, and come in with me the Twin Oaks for 1:30 latihan and kedjiwan activities. We will follow this with our ground breaking ceremony, placing prayers, wishes and mementos in our "corner stone" prior to the foundation being poured (which is all happening now!). Hope to see you Saturday (directions below) or Sunday. (If anyone can give Raphaella Bocock a ride on Sat., she would be most appreciative.Let me know if there are updates.)

Saturday, June 22. Honoring Bapak's birthday.

posted Jun 20, 2013, 4:09 PM by Wijati Soemantoro


Schedule for Saturday

4:00-5:30: Bapak Talk Video

5:45-6:30: Latihan

6:30-7:00:General Testing

7:00: Fundraising Dinner


Minutes: SWDC Membership Meeting

posted May 23, 2013, 6:45 AM by Wijati Soemantoro   [ updated May 23, 2013, 6:47 AM ]



1. Helpers’ Report:

(i) Candidates/New Members: Luke McCartin was opened in Fairfax. Ritru and Antonio Davis will be opened, soon as we find a date. Talaya is coming regularly as a candidate. There are 2 applicants, a couple who live in College Park, who are eager to get started. There are 2 applicants attending meetings in Fairfax.

(ii) Activities: The 1st Sunday will continue to be kedjiwaan day and the 3rd Sunday dewan latihan. Effendy and Wijati proposed readings following latihan on Sundays when nothing else conflicts. There was shared enthusiasm and we agreed that this will begin in July after the SUSA Gathering in New Mexico. Alexandra Boyer, SUSA National Helper for East Coast will be with us on June 2 for latihan and kedjiwan, as well as Hoan Toan, NH.

(iii) Latihans: 1:30 latihan continues on Sundays at Twin Oaks. Men’s weekday latihan is at 7 pm on Tuesdays with a special latihan for the SWDC Center at 6 pm. International, National and Regional Dewans have been asked to be awre of our need for their support, through latihan or prayers, as they choose. All members have been made welcome to join this latihan remotely. Women’s weekday latihan is Wednesday at 8 (quiet at 7:45) at Twin Oaks with Myra and Sonia as Helpers- and will begin in June. The call-in latihan for women continues at 7:45 (quiet at 7:30) on Wednesdays.

(iv) Subud Gatherings:

East Coast, Lewes DE May 24-27. Many driving up from here and coming from around the country. Let Helpers or Committee know if you need a ride. Some are going Thurs, others Fri, some Sat., one Sun.

SUSA Gathering in Albuquerque July 4-7.

World Congress, Puebla, Mexico Aug 2-17, 2014.

(v) Members: Ed Mendez and Rashad Mills have latihans in their homes with our men helpers as requested.

(vi) Mowing schedule: Mehdi and Imran both signed up for a time to mow the Twin Oaks property in early summer. Others are encouraged to help with clean up after latihans.

2. Treasurer's report:

Effendy circulated a detailed Income/Expenses report for Jan. 1 through end April and took questions. Attachments showed account activity from all our accounts (Cap One/ING, three Bank of America accounts, and USAA) as well as outstanding bonds and loans. He is working to transfer all to Quickbooks. Effendy will send the full report to those requesting it by email. Currently, Harris maintains credit card, auto donors and online donations and Barbara oversees the Development account. These will migrate to Effendy as Quickbooks comes online. The group thanked Effendy for his work on the finances and the committee.



3. Fundraising:

As final figures for several aspects of the building are not in yet, an exact amount we will need to fundraise is unclear. We will begin fundraising as soon as our building permit is awarded. Harris and Ra’uf are expecting the permit sets from Icon Legacy any day and Raymond Harris has been contracted to walk it through the PG County bureaucracy for speedy return.

We brainstormed ideas about fundraising and asked for volunteers to guide that process. Many ideas were offered and are hanging on a poster in Twin Oaks. Barbara, Rohana, Effendy, and Wijati volunteered to lead this. Wijati will bring a banner and canvas for drawing as well as a collection box to the Lewes SEC Gathering.


4. SWDC Website: WiJati has taken on the task of developing our website: Take a look! She has slide shows of people and building progress, fundraising options, etc. She is putting pictures and information of the Center progress on as fast as it comes in. Please send relevant pictures and ideas to Wijati.


5. SICA or SD chapters in Washington: The question was floated as to whether SWDC should have a Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) or a Susila Dharma (SD) project. Wijati is interested in SICA and is taking the lead to gather ideas among local artists. If interested in joining her, please let her know.


6. Building progress: Damanhuri, Ra'uf, and Harris brought us up to date. We are researching additional costs for the deck, fencing and lighting for the parking lot, elevator, and landscaping. As these bids are still out, we cannot give a final cost, but these will not hold up the request for our building permit. The parking lot is quickly being completed and site work will continue with digging the foundation. Ra’uf mentioned we need a CPIC commercial inspection. Effendy will research need for and options for a security system.


7. SWDC Center decisions

1.    Dedication of building: We will organize a selamatan when the foundation digging begins. Several ideas were floated. We all agree that once we have occupancy, we want to have a big celebration open house inviting Subud members from around the country as well as neighbors--music, food, art, etc.

2.    Naming the building: A poster is up at Twin Oaks for people to offer names for our new Center. There was a suggestion that SICA be asked to promote a challenge for naming worldwide. The concerns about names include making sure it reflects what Subud is but also attracting secular renters.

3.    Floors/cabinets/colors, etc.: Several members met at FinishWerks last week with Pat Babin, a Subud Interior Designer from Atlanta, to review our options of interior details. As not all samples were available, we will discuss this again with her and all who wish to join the discussion at the SEC Gathering at the Virden Center in Lewes next weekend. If members have specific ideas, we welcome them at this time.


The meeting closed with gratitude for those attending and lending their Light.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Thomas, Chair


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