Architectural Design & Floor Plans

  • An open, flexible floor plan for multiple and simultaneous latihans
  • Sufficient space for Regional Congresses.
  • A flexible design that allows for enterprise possibilities and future expansion
  • Modern modular construction--efficient and precisely engineered
  • A design that incorporates many ‘green’ and economical features
  • Office and library space and potential room for archives
  • Attractive receiving area to welcome members and inquirer


  • 5,000 sq foot finished-total combined 1st, 2nd stories and walk-out basement
  • Two (2) staircases (per code) one with fire wall and equipped with lift (per ADA code)
  • Large landscaped garden area for outdoor events, potential amphitheater

First Floor

  • Two large open latihan spaces (one with vaulted ceiling and skylighting), adjoined with movable partition
  • Atrium as main entrance with Subud artists’ work displayed
  • Community space for regular meeting events, kitchen facilities, small office space, storage, ADA bathrooms, and outside deck for socializing
Second Floor
  • Subud USA national office and Susila Dharma office
  • 2 small rooms for quiet; breakout space
  • Art and Culture Deck overlooking atrium
  • ADA bathrooms, storage