Curry Leaf Tree

   Curry leaf tree is a small ever green tree .It  usually grows 12-18 ft tall . The leaves are pinnate with 11-21 leaflets and each leaflet is 1-2 inches long. They are highly aromatic.
The leaves are highly valued because  it is used as  seasoning in South Indian  cooking,especially in curries with fish or coconut milk.
The curry leaf tree was planted about 2 years (2008) ago when it was 4 "tall .Since then it grew  about 3 feet.
It was planted on front side of the house where it get only few hours of direct sun.As it is planted very close to the house it has some frost protection from frost in winter

Medicinal properties

The leaves, the bark and the roots of curry tree  can be used to treat abdominal pain. The bark and the roots are used as a stimulant. They are also used externally to cure eruptions and the bites of poisonous animals. The green leaves are stated to be eaten raw for curing dysentery, and the infusion of the washed leaves to stops vomiting.