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Professional recommendations

In our experience, all these providers are generally awesome with queer, trans, and polyamorous people and families. Providers who explicitly specialize in those areas are noted. Disclaimer about how we don't receive kickbacks and yall's experiences may vary goes here.



Dr. Sunday Okafor
Dr. Gabriel Agbim
Eastern Pediatrics
1140 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11213
(718) 221-0333

Pediatric dentist

Akiva Bersson DDS
Park Slope Dental
300 Eighth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 499-5323

Hospital birthing center and obstetrics

Weill Cornell Lower Manhattan
Dr. Szilvia Nagy
Dr. Devorah Daly


Vicki Bloom (specializing in queer, trans, polyamorous, and other non-traditional families)
(914) 450-9574

Diaper service


Adult medical


Dr. Tim Mainardi
49 Murray Street
New York, NY 10007
(212) 729-1283


Dr. James Briley
Dr. Richard Mizuguchi
7 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
(646) 559-0843


Dr. David Culang
10 Union Square East, Suite 4J
New York, NY 10003
(212) 844-8366

Dr. George Alexiades
380 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10010
(212) 979-4225


Dr. Deborah Ottenheimer
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 901
New York, NY 10038
(212) 366-4765


Dr. Joseph Holmgren
26 Court Street, Suite 502
Brooklyn, NY 11242
(917) 342-2680

Dental services

Premier Dental Associates
150 Broadway, Suite 1310
New York, NY 10038
(212) 587-0202

Internal medicine

Mount Sinai Doctors (formerly Beth Israel Medical Group)
Dr. Donna Edwards
Dr. Abigail Chen
Multiple locations in NYC

Physical therapy

Imelda Joy Tan
10 East 39th Street, suite 1125
New York, NY 10016

Desira Barnes

Occupational therapy

Moussia Krinsky-Raskin
Park Sports Physical Therapy
325 Garfield Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 230-1180 (Park Sports office manager Marian Law)

Pet stuff


Acme Pet Food
628 Vanderbilt Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 789-8062

Veterinary services

Crown Heights Animal Hospital
753 Franklin Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11238
(718) 622-0052

Professional services

Tax accountant

Lewis Holman
1133 Broadway, suite 820
New York, NY 10010


Diana Adams (family law and mediation; specializing in non-traditional families)

Michael Bond (wills, trusts, estates; specializing in LGBTQ+ families)