iRiver H3XX Album Art Manager

A program for managing your album art files for use in Rockbox. 

This program searches a chosen path and all its sub-directories for files named “cover.jpg” or filenames specified by you (not case sensitive) and creates 24-bit bitmap files compatible with Rockbox’s album art patch in sizes of your choice. The bitmap files are named “cover.bmp” and optionally “<album>.bmp”.

Instructions for use: 

 This program requires the .NET Framework redistributables V2.0 or higher. These can be downloaded from Microsoft here. You only need the Redistributable Package, not the Software  Developers Kit. You should get the x86 version if you use Windows XP or lower.

 Mass Converter

 The first thing you need to do is use a program such as The Album Art Aggregator to find and download album art. It is recommended that you name the files "cover.jpg" and place it in the correct folder, where you will want the .bmp files. Other file names can be used but you will need to specify them within the program.

It is recommended that you run the program from the root directory of your H3XX though it can be run from anywhere. Type in the path to begin searching from, usually the root of your player, or use the browse button to find it.

If you want both an “<album>.bmp” file and a “cover.bmp” file to be created, check the “Create <album>.bmp’s” checkbox, otherwise leave it unchecked to create just a "cover.bmp" file. Select your preferred sizes from the list, or choose “other” and type in your own size. You only need to specify one dimension (ie “65” for a 65 x 65 image) since album art is always square.

The next text box lets you choose what percentage of mp3 album names must be the same in order for a <album>.bmp to be created. If set at 100%, all mp3 files must have the same album name for a file to be created. This is so that <album>.bmp files are not created in ‘mix’ directories that have random mixes of songs.

 If your original downloaded jpg album art files are not all named "cover.jpg", you can use the options button on the bottom status bar to choose one or more names to look for and convert. If you have just the one file name, type it into the box. For multiple file names, seperate them with a colon ":" and no spaces, for example "cover.jpg:folder.jpg:other.jpg" (without the quotes). The reason I chose a colon is that it cannot be used in filenames so will not be mistaken as part of a filename.

 There is also the option to turn off resampling. This will decrease the image quality but speed up the whole process. It is recommended that you leave it on unless in a rush. Here is an example of how an image looks with, and without resampling switched on

When all these options have been correctly set, press the “Go” button and wait. The log should update and give details on any problems that occurred.


To use the manager section, click on the manager tab. Make sure an initial path is selected at the top, and click on the ‘get file list’ button. The file tree on the left will be iterated, which may take a while if there are a lot of directories to look through. The file tree can be browsed as a normal file tree. The colour of each node indicates its album art status, Red means no album art was found either in the directory itself, or in any of its subdirectories. Blue means album art was found within one of the subdirectories. Green means album art was found within the directory itself.

Selecting a node displays a list of the found items in the bottom right, and a preview of the art in the top right. Clicking on an item in the list will change the preview to it. Selecting items in the list and right clicking will bring up the menu, under which you can do a number of things. Hold the Control button to select multiple items. (Right clicking an item does NOT automatically select it, so you will need to left click select the items you wish to work with first, then right click to bring up the menu. This is not how I want it and am looking into how to change it).

Selecting ‘View selected in new window’ will allow you to view the selected items at full size, even if they don’t fit in the small preview box. Selecting one item and clicking ‘convert to album art’ allows a quick convert to the correct 24bit bitmap format used in Rockbox album art.

    Screenshots and Download 

 Download V1.20 Here 

(Make  sure you have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributables first)


If you find this program useful, consider donating a small amount. Think of it as buying me a beer! :)


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