iRiver H3XX .WPS Editor

A GUI to simplify the creating of .WPS screens for Rockbox 

Moved into early beta; limited functionality, concentrating mainly on picture tags.

Instructions for use: 

 This program requires the .NET Framework redistributables V2.0 or higher. These can be downloaded from Microsoft here. You only need the Redistributable Package, not the Software  Developers Kit. You should get the x86 version if you use Windows XP or lower.


This program works with .wps files in the same way rockbox does. Thus, all your bitmap images must be within a directory with the same name as the .wps file, minus the extension. For example, if you were working with the file ‘C:\test.wps’ all bitmap images for that file must be within the ‘C:\test\’ folder.

Once started there are a couple of things you can do. Clicking ‘Load WPS’ allows you to load an already started .wps file for viewing or editing (remember, all images for the file must be within a folder that has the same name as the file, without the extension). Or you can load up your own bitmap files to place into a WPS. If you plan to do both these actions, you must load up the WPS first as the file has letters already assigned to each picture, and each subsequently loaded bitmap can then be assigned a unique letter once loaded.

Items can be dragged around using the mouse, or exact co-ordinates can be entered in the X and Y text boxes. The ‘locked’ checkbox will stop you from dragging the item around and from becoming the top most item. This is useful if you have placed an item in the correct position and don’t want to accidentally move it again. This will not affect the .WPS file at all so can be left on or off for any of the items. The ‘static’ checkbox determines whether the item will be saved as a static or pre-load image in the .WPS file. Do not tick this box for the background image. The ‘extra options’ box is used to select the background and progress bar images. Only select one image (or no image) for each of these options.

There is a known problem with transparency on bitmaps. Rockbox uses the magenta colour as transparent, however, due to shortcomings on how .NET deals with transparency on pictureboxes, magenta is converted to the default grey colour, but not made transparent. Fortunately most modern wps do not use the transparent magenta so will look fine.

(The example wps in the screenshot is my current favourite wps, jBlackGlass)

Download V0.71 Here.

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